Dandyflowers - The Novel

"Love him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your passion all the time. When he comes home treat him like you haven't seen him in a month. Love him! Don't waste any time fighting or arguing. Love him! Even when he seems unlovable, especially when he seems unlovable, love him! Love with all you have!"Imagine what it would be like to find a treasure in an attic as a child, and then to one day rediscover that treasure through the eyes of its beholder and learn that it's something so much more than you could've ever imagined. Dandyflowers is the story of a father who's kept a secret. Over a long weekend, he shares that secret and his thoughts and advice about a rare love that is more easily dreamt of than obtained with his soon-to-be-wed daughter.

Dandyflowers is thought-provoking; it makes you stop and think about what is truly most important in life. Dandyflowers is a tale that is the paradigm of what love should be: unconditional and never-ending.

Dandyflowers is a story of an amazing life and an amazing love that will captivate you and

Dandyflowers - The Novel


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